Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome to Fresh Eyes

Why Choose a Fresh Eyes Critique?

Whether you are looking for help getting noticed in a slush pile or polishing your novel for self-publication, what you need are fresh eyes looking at your manuscript. Ideally, you have extensively revised your first, second, or even third draft of your novel, and run it through a critique group/partner and maybe a beta reader or two. Now it's ready for....wait for it...more revising.


Sometimes, having a critique partner that knows you well is advantageous...but sometimes having a pair of fresh eyes, eyes that haven't been on the journey with you from story seed to the end, will provide you with even more benefit.

And that is where I come in.

A Fresh Eyes Critique consists of detailed observations for a content or substantive edit of your manuscript. I utilize a two pass system for maximum benefit. For more detail about the difference between content and copy editing and what you can expect from a Fresh Eyes Critique, please click to Editing Services and Fees Page

For more information about my background and experience, please follow the link to About, or if you're interested in hearing from other authors I've worked with, please see the Testimonials.

And finally, for instructions for hiring Fresh Eyes please see How it Works.