Editing Services and Fees

A Fresh Eyes Critique is a broad, developmental/content edit done in two passes. We can also do only a first pass if you prefer.

I am happy to provide this critique service not only to full romance manuscripts (any length)  but also partials you are polishing for contests or agent/editor queries as well.

First pass is for global issues. It makes good sense to address these issues first, have a revision, and then look at the story again for polish and line-edits. Trying to do both at the same time is often not a very good use of time. Have you ever frosted a cake before you finished baking it? That's why.

I do not always use Track Changes and Comments on the first pass. I do address the following in an edit letter/report:
  • Characterization, including character arcs and believable motivations
  • Plot holes, inconsistencies, continuity problems
  • Overall, big picture issues and some of the nit-picky ones too.
  • Scene structure, romantic and story tension
  • Any questions I feel are left unanswered
  • Story beats inherent to romance
  • Pacing
  • What's missing? What's overdone?
  • Suggestions for how to address the noted concerns
Second pass is for line-edits and is done directly on the manuscript in Microsoft Word utilizing Track Changes and Comments. You will still want to hire a copy editor. I promise a good copy editor is worth the cost. 

Addressed in second pass:
  • Lingering issues from first pass
  • Word usage--misused words, missing words, homonyms, and crutches and repetitive word choices/patterns (we all have them)
  • Overuse of cliches, Point of View slips, dialogue issues, and generally things that make you go "hmmm"
  • Writing technique, voice appropriate for genre
  • Honest, straightforward assessment if the story is ready to go on 
  • Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Awkward sentences

What is not covered:

  • Proofreading/punctuation/spelling: Though I will certainly point out things that stick out, this process is content/substantive editing. You will still need a good copyeditor and proofreader. Especially if you are self publishing. Look for someone fluent in the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Fact checking....though my clients will tell you that I catch a lot of things and do utilize Google on behalf of their manuscripts. (I live in fear of someone reading my browser history sometimes.)
  • Guarantees: I can't promise you sales or an agent. 

Each pass of a Fresh Eyes Critique is competitively priced at: .015 per word (a 50,000 word manuscript would cost $750 each pass)

A Paypal invoice is sent prior to beginning each pass. You do not have to pay for both passes at the same time, but payment for current pass needs to be paid in full before I start.

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