Gwen Hayes is an editing genius. Concise critiques, thoughtful feedback, amazing brainstorming sessions—she makes my manuscripts stronger in every area, whether it’s plot points or character development. No story of mine gets sent out before Gwen has gotten her hands and eyes on it! --New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Elle Kennedy

Gwen Hayes edits with intelligence, accuracy and humor. I can’t ask for more than that. I’d highly recommend her to any author.--USA Today bestselling author, Kate Pearce

Gwen has an uncanny ability to look at a book at both the macro and micro level at the same time. With my last manuscript, she found a niggly timeline error that affected a lot of the plot but also hit on some big-picture changes that made the book much, much stronger. That she managed to do all this while also cracking me right up with her funny commentary was a bonus! --Jenny Holiday, author of the 49th Floor series

Deciding to work with Gwen has been one of the best decisions I have made as a writer. She cares about the story being told and knows how to make it stronger. Her feedback has been the most helpful I've ever received. Gwen gives feedback in a meaningful and helpful way that doesn't make me want to crawl under my bed and call my mommy. --Tammy Blackwell, author of The Timberwolves Series

I believe most writers benefit from having someone else read over their work before they submit it. Fresh Eyes is the beta reader and crit partner I've never been able to find. Not only is Gwen outstanding at finding those pesky inconsistencies, but she excels at identifying missing scenes, incomplete character arcs, and that intangible "something" that is bothering you but you don't know what it is. --Anne Marsh, USA Today bestselling author of Smoke Jumpers and The Hotshots Series

Gwen continued my streak of working with excellent editors. She's a perfect balance between encouragement and critique, and even when she's digging deep and challenging parts of the story, there is never any negativity around the process. It's always with the sense of working together to make the story the best it can be. As long as Gwen continues to edit, I will continue to be a client.  --Danielle Monsch, author of the Entwined Realms series 

Gwen was amazing to work with, not only digging through my manuscript, but assisting with title ideas as well.  She pointed out inconsistencies that I'd missed even after reading (and rereading) prior to sending the book to her.  She gave me praise on points she loved and gently pointed out areas that needed help.  Her recommendations made the story shine and I won't hesitate to use her going forward.  --Celia Kyle, author of the Ridgeville Series

Gwen has a knack for pointing out a manuscript's strengths and weaknesses in a way that makes it much stronger. She's a genius at brainstorming and has helped me out of many plot holes!--Amanda Brice, author of the Dani Spevak Mystery Series

Awesome, spot on critique, and honest feedback, Gwen Hayes' critique and beta reading skills are off the charts. She makes my stuff so much better. I highly recommend her! --Elyssa Patrick, author of As You Wish and One Hit Wonder.

From plot points to characterization to consistency, Gwen's suggestions made my stories so much stronger. She has a great eye for those pesky points you can't catch on your own, and delivers her critique in such a clear way you can immediately improve your manuscript. She's the best at brainstorming I've seen. I wouldn't think of self-publishing (or submitting to a mainstream publisher) without getting her input first.
Ciar Cullen, author of The Shop Girl and the Vampire

When I had a last minute project coming in under the wire, a friend hooked me up with Gwen. She got my work back to me quickly with great in-line and overall notes. She shows a deep respect for an author's style and voice while bringing the best of the big picture to the forefront. You can't go wrong using Gwen Hayes as your fresh set of eyes. --Caitie Quinn, USA Today bestselling author of The Brew-Ha-Ha Series

Gwen Hayes is amazing. I have a completed manuscript that had been critiqued by half a dozen people. It was a finalist in three contests and was close to submission, but I felt that something wasn’t quite right with the story. I sent the manuscript to Gwen and she honed in on the issue immediately. She brainstormed with me to come up with a solution that I would never have thought of on my own. Gwen rocks! --Kimberley Troutte, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Catch Me in Castile and Soul Stealer